Making Connections ADZ577: End of Part One Self-Evaluation

I created my collection with the goal that it would house, and combine three key concepts. Firstly Kelly Wearstler’s unique design handwriting, and approach to interior designing; secondly, the colours and influences evident in my chosen trend ‘Encountered Culture’, which I envisaged within the Thai culture; and finally, my own personal development and style.Combining elegant materials, classic colours and minimal designs, California based designer Kelly Wearstler, aims her designs at the high-end market. It’s these three main attributes that make up the signature style of the Kelly Wearstler company, which I have been working from throughout my idea exploration phase. I was drawn to Kelly Wearstler because of the simple designs that have a classic air and elegant feel. I have a passion for printing which is also the technique that Kelly Wearstler uses for their fabric and paper based designs.
Encountered Culture is one of the trends for spring/summer 17. Natural fibres and materials are very much an exotic trade mark, mixed with bright, bold colours which are closely linked with the exotic. I have continually looked back at the influences of this trend while working through my ideas and designs. 

Staying within the margins of these first two concepts, I moved forward with what I imagined the outcome would be when these concepts are combined. I kept to the Kelly Wearstler way of minimal designs and marks, while also exploring the different paths offered within Encountered Culture.

While trying not to limit myself, I found that I was looking down many design paths, playing them off each other to see which best encapsulates my three key concepts. I was able to experiment with my drawing skills; consciously making time for this stage, as it is the foundation of any good design work. I gathered imagery, both primary and secondary, to help with my idea development, and considered the different approaches of Kelly Wearstler company and the ideas circulating within my chosen trend.
I have gathered a portfolio of imagery to help with my design process. Looking at colours, materials and influences for designs: pattern that are native to Thailand, others that are taken from the cross-sections of minerals and still more that look into the written language of Thailand itself. I have tired, as much as I can, to continually refer back to my first two concepts, resulting in experiments that have been well thought out and planned. 


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