Making Connections ADZ5777. Week five Screen-Printing

Today I was in the studio experimenting with screen printing. Using techniques I started to learn last year, I was set up for a day of printing. Having prepped a screen the day before, when I got in this morning I need only to expose my designs and screen and I was ready to go. I hit a few snags at this point. While washing out my screen to remove all the green liquid, I scrubbed at my designs to make sure that the lines were clear so that he ink would come through uninterrupted, I actually managed to remove at lot of my designs, and the surrounding green liquid that was supposed to be my ink barrier. With three of my six designs ruined, I carried on anyway, hoping for some great results from the designs I had left.


I did a test print from one of my ruined designs. At the time it looked like it may indeed be an acceptable print, but after printing I could see how badly I had damaged my designs, though I was able to salvage one small section which I made a few prints from.

Experimenting with different size and style fabrics, different colours and with flock and foil, all of which matched up to my theme and colour choices; I layered some designs, created patterns with others and just really let myself play with what I had available.20151028_153519239_iOS20151028_153623970_iOS20151028_162519700_iOS


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