Pecha Kucha Presentation; ADZ577

Pecha Kucha Presentation

Today was the day of the Pecha Kucha presentation. First of the year! My last Pecha Kucha went well so I was hopeful that I could only get better. I was wrong. After prepping what I was going to say, making sure my slide were in order and set on the right time, with my mood boards packed and ready to go, everything took a turn for the worse. I felt fine before my presentation. While watching the others in my group I was really impressed with their mood boards and the presentations they had put together; how they managed to link their work and ideas to the designers they had chosen to present. Then I started getting nervous, is my presentation going to be good enough? Am I saying the right things or have I left something important out and haven’t realised?

I don’t like presentations. I don’t mind when I’m presenting my own work and ideas, I can’t go wrong there, no one’s know my work better than I do, but when I have to present other people’s work, especially three designers, I start to doubt whether my research is right. This is where everything when wrong, after watching the other in my group, I started to get more anxious as the time for my presentation grew nearer, when it was time for my presentation I thought it would be acceptable, running smoothly at the least. When is started speaking, I couldn’t seem to follow my notes anymore, they didn’t seem to covey what I was trying to say and I was too nervous to make sense of what I had written while looking at my audience and remembering to speak within the time frame. I was saying parts of my notes before the slide for that note came up and then I started to repeat myself. Overall it really wasn’t my best presentation and after watching other peoples, I can see areas that could have done with changing on mine, instead of focusing wholly on the designers I should have brought more of my ideas and inspiration into the mix, added in some of the research that I have done; contact designers, looking up trend predictions and research into materials. All of these things could have been added to the presentation and then I would have been talking about their influences on me, I would have been able to speak about my work and I think this would have helped me keep track of what I was saying and what order it should be said in.


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