Making Connection: ADZ5777 Week Three

Week three has been and gone, its been kind of  along week but still quite good, and quite productive. I’ve got the top nine designers in my sketchbook, awaiting titles and glue. my mood boards were created last week so this week I’ve been focusing on more research.

On Tuesday I had another individual tutorial, this time with Helen. I’m finding it really helpful t have a different teacher look over my work each week. I get to have the advice of different tutors with the professional opinions and helpful advice, and am able to take this on board. Helen was really helpful. she gave me really good suggestion into what I should start looking into such as the types of fabrics that I should be research which would then correspond with the fabrics that my chosen company uses. looking through the trend I have chosen and picking out key words that I may have over wise forgotten or missed; and she really helped me to focus my path more to know what research I should be doing and that I should start experimenting with ideas for designs and drawings. Overall I found Tuesday to be a really helpful day.

Wednesday I devoted to working. I finished what was left t don on my research of my top three designers I also started my Pecha Kucha presentation and also I started to gather images for a spate sketchbook, one that I am devoting to design ideas images and drawings. with my chosen theme company and trend in mind I started to think how I could relate the three. I started to look at different countries to see their approach because the trend I have chosen encompasses exotic culture finally settling on Thailand. I chose this country because of they’re use of exposed natural elements, they colours and how many of their key designs link into my trend. I then started looking at hotels within Thailand to see how they compare to the ones that are designed for by my chosen company, and then started to think about how I could bring some of the Thailand-ian culture to the work that I am creating for my hypothetical company.

Thursday was another day in the lab or workshop should I say. I was able to play around and create a few samples that I can add into my idea sketchbook, just so I can refer back to these little ideas and see hoe they worked didn’t work; if they went with my theme and company or if they need changing in any way. the rest of the day was dedicated to more Pecha Kucha making. this presentation better come across good all the effort I’ve been putting into it.

Overall my week has been pretty good. I’ve still got quite  bit to do, the rest of my Pecha Kucha, my hypothetical Design brief and some more drawings and research etc. but I’m looking forward.


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