Constellation – Stuff: Objects and Materiality in Society

Today was one of those surprisingly good days. I arrived today really hoping that todays lesson was going to be as interesting as the initial presentation that Ashley gave two weeks ago, and I wasn’t disappointed. I really found today topic understandable, thankfully, and interesting. I would never have really though of objects being transitional; sure I know they can different values and that not always based on their monetary worth, but I found the whole idea of adults having there own version of security blankets quite interesting. I’m hoping that this is how its going to be every week, and if it is, I’m looking forward.  Another thing that was really great was tat instead of just telling us theories Ashley got us to out those theories into action, by asking us to chose an object that we had with us, a transitional object, and telling the class about it and what its value is and if it represents you or not. this is were I come in; I’m about to tell you what my transitional object was which is part of todays activity/task.

necklcceThis necklace is my transitional object, or at least its a replacement for my transitional object. The original necklace was a gift from my mum for my 18th birthday.

I wear my necklace everyday; I never take it off because without it I get this sense that I’m naked out I’m missing something, also it makes my neck and chest feel really weird and freaky. In that case I’m not very conscious of my necklace while I’m actually wearing it. I do catch myself playing with it or running it between my fingers, it seems my hands gravitate towards it without my noticing. my necklace has sentimental value, it remind me of my mum who gave it to me and of the fact that it was ‘originally’ a birthday present. I suppose this new necklace remind me of that, as well as reminding me of the old one, and how attached I has grown to it. This necklace doesn’t represent me, in as much as it represent my relationship with my mum. I don’t like heart shapes, never have and yet when I look at this necklace I’m not reminded of my dislike of that annoying little shape, but of a throughout gift from someone who loves me, and considering that I know my mother doesn’t like hearts either it makes it just a little more special to me that she would get me something that she things represents me or our relationship.


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