Making Connection ADZ5777: Week Two (and a trip to London too)

This week has been a busy one. On Tuesday I had my individual tutorial, where Sally and I were able to look through the work that I had already done and make a plan of action for what I should do in the coming week. Looking through my sketchbook, and guided by my ideas, Sally suggested that for the London Trip on Wednesday, I should visit Kings Road, a place filled with interior design shops/companies.

Bright and early on Wednesday morning, we departed from London. Once off the coach, with a lot of help from Google maps, I found my way to Kings road, stopping in different streets along the way to take photographs of things that I found interesting, or would go with the theme that I’m developing for this project; mainly images of different marks found in nature, as well as images of high end interiors found in many of the shops that I passed. Taking magazines and leaflets along the way, I was able to start to really thinking about what I would be putting on my mood boards. While walking down Kings Road I came across Designers Guild and Osborne & Little; having time to spare, I spent a while browsing through the different fabrics and papers available, and was told by a very friendly sales person, that if I filled out a form, they would be able to give my up to 10 free samples of any of the materials that they house in store! In Designers Guild I was thrilled to see that they had left out mood boards which they had created, I was able to refer back to these while creating my own boards, which was really helpful. I was able armed with materials that I could use to convey colour and texture with my mood boards, I set off again for the V&A, stopping in Harrods to have a quick look around their interiors department, it was massive and I got lost, a lot, but the materials, furniture’s and accessories there were really inspiring. designers guild fabric designers guildmood board

On Thursday, I has my second digital stitch workshop, in the morning I was able to go over old techniques again, using images and textures from my project/mood boards to inspire what I was creating. Later that day I was then working on digital stitch, with the programme set up on the computer, I chose an images which I has found on WGSN while browsing for trends, and took parts of the images for my digital stitch sample. I really enjoyed the stitch workshop, I was able to use there different tools on the digital programme to draw all the leaves of my sample, as well as change the directions of the stitches.

I then started to work on my mood boards. Armed with my samples from London and all the images I had collected and taken, I created all four mood boards. I’m really happy with how they link together and their overall appearance; they will really be able to help me focus on the trend that I have chosen to follow, and the work of the company that I have chosen (Kelly Wearstler). I can refer back to theses through all stages of the making process, when I’m creating initial drawings right through to the final production.Mood and colourclient and company


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