Who am I? What kind of a designer do I aspire to be? What are my strengths so far? Which segment of the design market interests me? All questions that will help me.

Mostly I want to be relevant. I want my work/designs to be on point, craved. I want to be on top of current trends and styles, to know what people want before they even do, and I want to be able to inspire. My passion lies in printing, hand and digital, onto paper or fabric, with ink or glue. My passion steers my work, I am able to learn faster and ideas come quicker because I love what I’m doing. I’m fascinated by traditional and contemporary techniques alike, and I believe that because I have this passion for printing and textiles that drives what I do, that my strengths lay within these areas.

I am most interested in the interior market of textiles, from bedding and wallpaper to table linen and cushions. Interior design is an increasingly popular concept, with endless different designs and possibilities available, the market is wide enough to cater for everyone. I believe that if you’re happy in your home, that happiness can spread through the rest of your day, wherever you are. Alongside my love of interior design, I have a keen interest in Stationery, and typography. I love mixing typography into design and I think this work best for stationery purposes. The stationery market is vast and ever-changing, with so much room for design and development.


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