Making Connection; ADZ5777 Week One

Second year has started, time to prepare myself for mass amounts of work.

This week was my first week back in university back to study my second year of textiles at Cardiff Met and let me tell you, i’m so happy its finally back! after such a long summer break i’m so ready to come back and get some textiles going.

On Tuesday I had my introduction onto Level 5 textiles, and all the opportunities and possibilities that lay ahead. Having had the brief and timetable emailed in advance of our first day, I started to read through what I could expect of this year and boy does it sound great, scary and a bit daunting, but great. This year is all about Making Connections. Working from companies on commissions, finding actual work placements with real companies in the textiles business, and creating work that is based on trend and upcoming styles, so that its relevant. The most important thing is to find out what sort of designer I want to be, what sector of textiles I want to focus on, what media and techniques I prefer to work with, what style. All these things are essential tools for the creation of great work.

Trying to help myself a bit, I started to do some company/designer research the week leading up to Level 5. Having read the brief I knew how sort a time I’d have to fins so many different designers and companies across the three different areas of textiles; interior, fashion and stationery. I’m trying to organize my time so I don’t start getting behind on work, I want everything to be done in time to move onto the next stage of work, which means, that I needed to start doing my research ASAP. I’m enjoying it so far, I’ve been able to find designers and companies that are completely different from each other, had a change to look through their work, read what they have written about their creation, and have also been able to contact a few and ask then about their inspiration and the driving force behind what they are putting forward.

Knowing how much work I have to do and what is expected of me, I’m amazed at the students who are now in third year, last year I looked through their work and was inspiring to see how professional and put together their portfolios and moodboards etc. were.

On Thursday I has my first digital stich workshop of the year, starting with a quick refresher of some of the techniques that we learn last year. I was able to start getting back into the swing of using different sewing techniques as well as being able to use load of different thread and materials. After the quick refresh we moved on to learning the basics of use the digital programs which are required for the digital stitch machines. Learning the different buttons and the different tools available, the different type of stitches and different fill types (weave, satin etc.) as well as learning how to rotate the actual design or just the stitch direction. I t was all really useful knowledge, which will help me to narrow down the types of techniques and processes I will want to use during this project.


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