Photoshop Manipulation

During the last lesson, Steve said something about being able to get your digital designs/patterns onto objects within Photoshop, from this my mind started to wander and I started to think of what patterns I would use and on what kind of objects. I finally decided that I wanted to put my designs on soft furnishings and wallpapers. Confident in my abilities to be able to use the tools within Photoshop, I set out researching how I would be able to do this. I watched a few videos and read a few articles but they didn’t help me, and then I came across one video, of a man trying to change a red car into a leopard print car, I stuck with it and he showed me the exact tools and direction on how he managed it, and the I copied.

From Pinterest I selected different images, on of an armchair, a pair of curtain, a sofa and a chimney breast (which I planned to change the wallpaper of). For each of these images I chose a pattern that I wanted to use, and then went through each step that I was shown in the video, and with much trepidation, put my patterns onto furniture. I was in love. The results were amazing and so satisfying. I loved seeing my designs on a piece of furniture, the one downside was that I then wanted to go and print my designs onto fabric and reupholster my chair!

Each and everything task that I succeed and fail at Photoshop and Illustrator has the power to expand my knowledge. I have learnt so many new tools during these last 7 weeks that will forever be used within my design work. I am able to learn from my mistakes and gain confidence in my abilities when I succeed. I look forward to each and every time to come that I get to use these programmes and again, expand my digital knowledge. patterned chaire patterned wallpaper


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