Digital Embroidery

On Wednesday it was my scheduled lesson for digital embroidery. In preparation I created four designs, long and triangular so to best fit the process, and turned up, on time, ready and willing to learn. The designs I created were outlines of two different types of beetles, a dragonfly wing, and a butterfly wing (which I particularly liked). Once the programme for digital stich was up and running on the computer, I selected one of my designs, can you guess which? And started to play around with the different ways of drawing, weather I wanted a single line of stich or a fill. I ended up going for the fill because I could visualise the result better, knowing that the pieces that I drew around would be filled with thread. While I was playing around I could see how I would hand embroider what I was looking at and then it hit me, this machine could do it for me, in probably less than half the time and within out the pain to my hand! Now, with this in mind I’m starting to wonder what other kind of stitches are available through digital stitch programmes.

Once I had the wing covered in stiches (where I wanted them anyway) I again started to play, but this time I was playing with different rotation patterns, choosing hoe many other wings I wanted in the design, the way I wanted to position the wing and so on. Anyway, once I had finally decided how I wanted the wing place, it was time to send the over to Maggie, so that she could stitch them out quick time, so they would be completed for Friday. I really can’t wait to see the results!


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