15th May – 22nd May Digital Update

Finally finding time to upload my next post, I bring you the update from the past week in my digital module. Once I had made those original pattern on illustrator, during out next digital workshops Steve showed us how to create patterns on Photoshop, which was frustratingly difficult to understand until it suddenly clicked and I didn’t know why I found it so difficult; to create our own brushed on Photoshop and to create colour atlases for digital printing.

To create my own pattern in Photoshop I had to start by creating an A3 document and then creating another document that was 5x5cm, it was then time to create a simple image/shape that would show the basics of how to create a pattern on Photoshop.  For this we were going to use the custom tool and then choose one of the custom shapes just for practice. Once this was selected I then drew out the shape, selected it, and then colour filled in on a new layer so that it was no longer a vector image. Once that was competed, the nest step was to make this an image that could be selected for pattern. To do this I clicked on the edit tab on the top tool bar, scrolled down to define pattern, and then named my pattern. Going onto a separate document, I could then go back onto edit and then select fill. A box came up in which I was able to select my pattern from the ones already there. Once I had done this my shape, filled the pages as a repeated pattern.

I then moved on to making a half-drop repeat pattern. To do this I had to go back to my original shape and select all, copy and then deselect, the image was then in the computer’s memory and that was all I needed for the time being.  Then I went to the filter tab on the top tool bar and selected offset. A small box appeared, making sure that ‘wrap around’ was still selected; I changed the vertical tab so that the shape was halved, on the top and bottom of the page. The next step was to go onto image and select canvas size, changing the measurements to percentage and then change the width to 200%. I could then paste the shape that I had copied earlier on, once I had arranged the images together, I would be able to create a half drop repeat pattern.  Again I went onto a new document, selected edit from the tool bar on the top of the screen and clicked fill, chose the pattern I had just created and then clicked ok. My half-drop repeat pattern filled the whole page with no glitches.

half drop repeat pattern

To create a custom brush, is pretty much the same way as creating a pattern. I found it quite difficult at first because Steve wanted us to look up videos on YouTube to show us how to create them, once I realised that I really could grasp it through a video, I found step by step written instruction and et viola! I created a new brush. Once I had created one, I then used it in the background of own my patterns, which I think worked really well with the design that I had in the foreground.

mushroom own brush

On Tuesday we will be undertaking our first digital prints, Steve asked us to create five 4 x 4 inch design that would be printed as digital samples, along with once A4 pattern that I will then be hand printing on top of. The first task I undertook was choosing which design I wanted for the five test prints. I had a while array to choose from because I had been going over some of the pattern’s i had created and developing them, changing different aspects to see if they worked better in different ways, with different colours or different pattern positioning. I have quite a few samples and idea from this and I then had to choose which ones I wanted to have printed out

beetle pattern development

Once I had chosen I then decided that I wanted to use one of my beetle patterns for my A4 print. I chose the once of the developed ideas that I had created, going for a dark background so that when I hand print the beetle pattern over the top in foil, the different elements of the print would stand out against each other, making for a really creative design that still embodied my theme, and complied with my colour board.

So as you can see I’ve had a pretty full week, full of exciting development designs, as well as looking forward to the prints I will be creating next week!


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