Digital Books

Because we’re going to be doing so much work on Photoshop and illustrator and creating digital designs, I though that it would be beneficial to look at some digital guides.  Having already looked up a few website because Steve had asked us, I also ordered a copy of Adobe Classroom in and Book for Photoshop and illustrator, and have been looking through the tips and tricks that they have in them.  On Tuesday I went to the University library to find a book, but couldn’t find any that really interested me so a friend let me borrow one of the books she took out and I’ve been looking through and reading on all the different themes and filters and commotions that are in the book, as well as much more. The book she lent me was Digital Textile Design and it had quite a few really good tips in there as well as some really great imagery to accompany.Book blog cover

I found this little subsection while flicking through the book, all about the different filters that are available in Photoshop and what can be done with them.Book Bloog 1

Book Blog 2While looking through textiles books or books with any sort of pictures I always go to the imagery first, and in this book they had quite a few really good images that I stopped and though, that could really be helpful to me. One of these pages had two examples of Mood boards on them which I really loved to look at, to see how they’ve laid theirs out, the composition they’ve used as well as the imagery and different additions.

book blog 3


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