Creating Mood Boards in Photoshop Part Two

Having Photoshop on my own computer makes it much easier for me to play around with making different mood boards and practising all the different tools Photoshop has to offer. I found creating the Insects Mood Board much easier while in my digital workshop because I was able to visualise what I wanted better than my ideas for my nature board, and was able to go and find the images to show this. When I got home , I used Photoshop to have a go at creating a nature mood board. With more time to spend combing over ideas and images and playing around with composition and the different effects available, I was able to create a mood board that I was, again, really happy with.

This time while creating I found it much easier to remove images from their backgrounds, to use the gradient tool, which I used to blend together five different images, and I was able to scale, rotate and flip my images with much more ease for having done it quite a few time before. With my continued use of Photoshop I am growing to more and more like the process, the possibilities available to me, and the result that I am producing.  Nature Moodboard 2


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