Creating Moodboards in Photoshop

In today’s workshop we were again working with Photoshop, except this time we were concentrating on using the techniques we’ve learned to create a mood board, that was inspired by our chosen theme. We started the day with another lecture from Lucy on the different way to use Photoshop to our advantage, she showed us a few clips on making basic mood boards and using the different tool available in Photoshop.  For this mood board I chose to focus on looking at insects and their patterns, during the work I had completed already, I found it easier to find images that correlated to my ideas surround insects instead of flowers and nature. After I selected the images that I wanted to go into my mood board, I started to pull my images onto the one document and started to changed them to how I wanted my mood board to look. I used the gradient tool to create a half background, and then I used the quick selection tool to separated the object of the images that I wanted, away from their backgrounds and surrounding areas.  having never used this tool before I didn’t know how to go about doing this originally and started using different tools to try and do this, none of which were easy or wanted to work for me as I asked Steven and viola! he showed me what I need to do and I was off, practicing on more and more images, rotating and changing scale so that I ended up with a mood board I was really happy with.

Insect Moodboard 2


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