Research and Image Gathering

On Monday were set the task of looking into trend predictions and gathering images that fit our chosen theme. For this I went on to a few trend forecasting websites to see what I could gather, and then starting looking on Pinterest for interesting images that I though we’re perfect for my brief. I was really inspired by the image I found and I started to create a sketchbook into which I could collate  my ideas, it’s not much more than notes on pages saying what I indent to put on them, but my ideas are there. One thing I did start, was putting images together, and starting to think about mood boards.  While searching I made a pictorial mind map of sorts of the images that were interesting me. 

 I liked a patterns that are found theism nature, and I really liked what I foudn, I could see how these images would translate really well into designs and related patterns. Once I arranged these images I really wanted to have a go at making some digital moodboards as a practise for when I really needed to, so I set about and created two different moodboards for my theme. 

Within the theme that I chose, scanned memory, I’ve been looking into traditional Eco-friendly textile production methods, which would reinforce the idea of a more ethically correct way of life, while reflecting the simplistic and intricate designs found in nature. Under this I’ve been looking at two aspects, the first being the patterns that are found within flora and fauna, and the second is patterns that are found on insects that can only really be seen using macro magnification.  I’m really enthusiastic about where this project is leading, and I’m looking forward to finding out.


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