Introduction to digital 

This week were were bing introduced to the possibilities that lay within the digital field.  At the beginning  of the week we went though the timetable and the brief, outlining what we would be creating during this module, and how we would be using digital programmes to do so. With a brief session on what each of the different themes could mean, we chose our themes and then were given the task of research trend predictions and gathering images that could be used for a mood board. When deciding what theme we were going to peruse, we were told to look back over the work that we had created during the first time, and use these as staring points. Having focused mainly on colours and nature in my first term I thought that the second option would be the best for the work i had already done, the second option being scanned memory, a prure, simplistic and more ethically correct was if life; away from stress and consumption, towards a generally feeling of well-being.  During my field module I worked with looking into cultural designs, really bold and colour ful design which where then mixed with furniture store and structural purposes. This is the other reason why I chose the second theme, because it is completely different from the work that i was creating in my field module, and I would be able to explore different ranges during this new digital module, facing it with fresh ideas and enthusiasm. 

On Tuesday we undertook our first digital workshop. It was really interesting and showed us the basics of both photoshop and illustrator, how to create a document, of shorts, the different tools that we would be needing which are the basic tools that we would always be going back to whenever we used these programmes. In photoshop we looked at selection, making different shapes, and layers. We used these to make repeated patterns, and although the result where quite basic, it’s what I expected having only just started to learn. We learned pretty much the same tools in illustrator, but one thing that really interested me in illustrator was, the ability to draw using the pencil button, I think, with this you can draw whatever shape or design you want; and the ability to draw type/typography. Having downloaded both illustrator and photoshop on my own computer after this first workshop, I was then able to mess around with the tools to my leisure.  

During our next digital workshop, which took place on Friday, we learnt new tools that could help us in most aspects of photoshop, keeping in mind we could be using these in our design and moodboards. This time we were shown how we could upload images/photographs onto photoshop and how we could manipulate them. We looked into gradients, blending two images together, which was quite fun to experiment which and will come to be really useful the further we work with digital designs.


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