Collaborative Field Project

Today was the last day of our collaborative field project, and the only task we had left to do was to present our work/ideas to the larger group. Each groups was given about 8 minutes to tell the larger groups about what they’ve created, what their ideas were and how they have managed to produce an outcome. We were asked how well our groups worked together and what were the best and worst parts.


I really liked my group. We worked well together to come up with an ideas, given that none of us had been previously working on anything similar; but we managed to come up with an overarching theme, culture. Coming up with an idea after that seem relatively easy, but this was broad ideas which we then needed to narrow down and pare back so that we would be able to complete everything needed in the time frame. I think we did this really well. We each continued with our own research so that we had more specific ideas of what we wanted to create and then we compared and helped to develop those ideas so that we could have one idea that all of us really wanted to pursue. The two tutorials we had were really helpful with giving us ideas on how we might need to tweak this or that within our work, and it was also really helpful to hear what other groups though of what we were doing and their suggestions.

Each member of our groups had their own work to do but we managed to successfully combine all of our different disciplines within this project so that all of us had equal parts in the work/creation of work. I really liked seeing how the others in my group thought and created work differently than I would and even though I didn’t like the idea of collaborative work when I started in this part of the project, in the end I really liked how we were able to work together and come up with really good ideas and outcomes in such a short space of time.

I think our biggest strengths were:

  • Our time management. Having all our work completed and on display the Friday before presentation.
  • Our ability to communicate with the other members of our group.
  • How we were able to combine all our different disciplines and talents into our presented work.

I think the only problem we faced was decision making. Having to find the fastest and yet the best was of creating our bench was a challenge that took longer than expected because we all had different ideas on how it should be fitted together. In the end we just stood back and listen to each other and we managed to sort everything out and have everything completed in time.


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