Mood Board and Assembley

Yesterday my group got together so that we could assemble our bench. Having all the component almost completely finished, we set about trying to figure out how we were going to put them together.  The only thing that would help was putting the pieces together and seeing if they would work, so that’s what we did.Using double-sided tape and cellotape to hold the pieces in places we were able to see what we were working towards. This is where we hit some walls. Firstly we needed to find a way to get the seat to stay in place and not collapse. We used thin pieces of wood on the back pieces, into which the seat would slot. This worked, but the seat was to wide and the curve to heavy for the seat to stay erect.  What we needed to do was to decrease the size of the angle at which the seat is based so that the two back piece were closer together and more stable.  

 Once that part was completed we decided that were going to cover the newly sized seat with our Indian inspired fabric. With the added weight to the fabric onto the seat, it was slightly heavier and we need extra support to keep the seat erect; we needed more stability and this came in the form of extra legs. This involved a trip to Wickes so that we could find the right kind of decorated wood to go with then bench. Once this was completed it was on to the next wall. We need to assemble the actual pieces. Choosing how we would do this, with what screws or bolts, if we need washers and would it be better if we did it this way or that way. In the end we managed to all agree and viola! we created our bench.


In the midst of making the bench we also need to create our mood boards, these were going to be filled with  patterns from Indian cultures, colours and some samples of what we’ve made so that it would convey multiple ideas of what we have been looking at and what we could create given a longer project time. With two A2 mount boards, we started to place all the things we have together for our mood board onto the boards, combining colours and materials and samples together so that they colours and ideas flowed evenly across the two boards.


With almost all of our work completed, tomorrow we will be going in to set up our work ready for display and presentation on Monday.


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