Screen Printing

Having prepped a screen yesterday, today I used Sarah’s Indian pattern design to create samples for our banner and for our mood board.   For these examples I used two different coloured cotton fabrics; yellow and brown, as well as calico fabric. Yesterday we had talked out the kind of colour scheme we wanted to work with, and after discussing we decided to use earth tones, because they feature heavily in most Indian fabrics. So using brown, yellow, and red printing inks, I mixed these on the screens to print with multiple colours, as well as printing the singularly. Mix and matching the different coloured fabrics with the different coloured inks.

20150317_103029233_iOS20150317_115755611_iOSOnce I had created quite a few sample I took a break and then managed to hoodwink Elliot into helping me print. Once he was set up on the screen, Elliot also started mixing colours with fabrics and we ended up with an even wider range of samples. Using not only earth tines but experimented with a few colours that are outside our planned colour scheme just for further reference.


20150317_111930595_iOSOnce I got home and all the prints were dry, I set up my sewing machine so that I could hem the edges of some of the samples so that they would be neat and not fraying, and ready to our on our mood board. While I was sorting the edges of these samples, I kept thinking about what Helen said during our tutorial, about how a lot of Indian fabrics are embellished, so I started to experiment with some free-machine embroidery, again using gold thread to match with the colour scheme.


I plan to look at the different types of Indian embellishment and see how I can work with this.


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