Idea/Making Devlopment

After a productive weekend of researching Indian culture, looking into the meanings behind the colours they use, as well as looking into what occurs within Holi festival, I was ready to start the final week of this project. Well the final week of being able to make our maquettes. My groups got together this morning to discuss ideas for what were going to make and how these little models are going to look. Experimenting with fabrics, illustration, metals and cardboard we created a few little samples ready to take into our tutorial meeting later that morning. The feedback we received was really good, we have a developing ideas that’s going on the right direction and we are able to visualise the outcome we aspire to. We took in the advise from our last tutorial and looked at moveable furniture that could be used to bring culture awareness to the people with our city. The furniture’s would be displayed in correspondence to different Indian festivals or events during the year.



Even during this tutorial we were still coming up with ideas of how we could make these maquettes, and we had a meeting after the tutorial so that we could further discuss these ideas. Starting with what maquettes were actually going to make, we decided that we were going to focus primarily on making a really polished scale models of the a bench we had designed, incorporating laser cutting, wood and fabrics together to created a lovely cross-disciple piece of work. we also had the ideas of creating some fabric samples that could be translated into banners that would then be used to  decorate the city. For this we decided that we were going to use one of Sarah’s illustrative deigns. With this we have the ideas of accompanying mood boards showing the different styles of fabrics ands materials that could be used, as well as those which we have used,  as well as some notes on these. We also plan to display a few of our better sample maquettes to show how our ideas have progressed.

So with all this in mind we started to being with the creating of these examples, We each went off to find out the best way to do what we wanted. I went down to the print room to find Steve and fix a screen for scree-printing. After stripping, washing and prepping my screen I was ready to oil up Sarah’s design, expose the screen and tuck it safely away in the drying rack ready for printing tomorrow.


so after a very proactive day I’m hoping tomorrow goes equally as well, as I hope the rest of the week done. And if my group and I keep working in such an effective manner, we should be able to produce some really good work by the  end of this!


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