Constructing Movements in Art and Design Week 6 – Surrealism and Psychoanalysis

Having already decided on which question I was going to answer in my essay, I was quite looking forward to gathering all the information I could that would help me, and this lecture was one of those helpful nuggets of information. This week we were looking at Surrealism and its foundation, Psychoanalysis.

Surrealism emerged onto the art world at the start of the twentieth century and was heavily influenced by the revolutionary psychoanalytical work of Sigmund Freud. Surrealist artists were concerned with the representation of the unlimited human imagination in art which was classed as highly innovative. Shocking and bizarre are two words often linked with Surrealism and this was certainly true of the work of Andre Breton and Rene Magritte, to name but two of the many artists involved with the Surrealist movement. The movement found its leader in Anfre Breton who wrote a number of manifestoes highlighting the aims of the movement. Breton himself was bit of a control freak which I find somewhat at odds with the idea of irrationality of Surrealism in embracing the liberation of the unconscious.


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