Banner Example/Sample

Today I was meeting up with my group to discuss ideas of what were going to be doing the following week. Before I even started to get dressed to meet them I was struck with an idea that couldn’t wait. Having been looking at shelters and banners, I was suddenly struck with the idea of making a miniature banner. I don’t know where this idea came from but I was going to embrace it. Whipping out some fabric from the little stash in my room I used my lino cut to print a pattern onto the background, again using acrylic paint. Using a hair dryer because I was being seriously impatient, I dried the paint so that I could start embroidering!20150313_185323084_iOS

I had a sketch of and idea for a banner in my sketchbook so I took this and started to transform it into being. Because I was making such a small banner I decided to start off with the easier typography I knew, my own hand writing. Even with this easy advantage it was not easy. Having written the wording out first with a disappearing marker I still messed up and started to shout at my sewing machine. But alas, we’re friends again now.


After I had embroidered my writing onto my fabric I thought about how I could turn this (lovely) scrap of fabric in a mini banner. Using my iron I pressed the side edges so I could then easily hem the fabric. I then did the same to the top edges of the fabric but this time leaving room so that I would be able to thread wire through the top and bottom so it would look like a proper banner (inadvertently making it even more adorable!) suffice it to say I was in love with my little sample, it may be a bit messy and not as perfect as I would have wanted it but its a really good start and it shows my ideas in a much more tactile way than a sketch.


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