Awning/Shelter Experiment

So after my little banner experiment this morning I finally got dressed and then  I went to meet my group to swap our ideas. It was a good meeting, we talked and discussed ideas on what we’re going to do next week in regards to creating our maquettes, and what we’re going to in preparation for Monday. We looked at the work we did in the beginning of the week and the ideas that we put onto our mood board and talked our them through. I like our little group, we seem to get on really well and each want to contribute so that we have a well-rounded and cross-disciple outcome.

After our meeting I was taken with the ideas of, making a miniature model of one the awnings I had designed. I don’t know what it was about today but I kept having sudden bursts of inspiration. I started  my second little adventure of the day by thinking of how I could make the frame of my shelter. The result was wire. I had thin flexible wire in my little stash of goodies so I started to mess around with making my little wire sculpture. Let me tell you it wasn’t easy, my wire is so flexible that I swear it started to bend the wrong way just to annoy me. But I persevered and in the end I made it!

20150313_143657822_iOS (2)

After I made the frame I then had to think about how I was going to make the cover. The think with my sudden ideas is that the finished idea pops into my head and then I have to try to figure out how to make it. Firstly I had to decide on what fabric I was going to use. I had the choice of either using fabric that I already had in my hand little stash or I could print or embroider and create my own patter. Feeling impatient again I wanted to be making my covering at that second so i chose my most Indian looking fabric and started to pin the fabric together in places so that I could create a structured covering. Folding the fabric diagonally I sewed darts into the fabric, not starting at the centre because that is where the top of the frame would rest under the fabric. I did this on each corner of the fabric until I had a triangularly shaped covering.


My vision was coming together. After I had stitched the darts into place I ironed the seams and then pressed the edges of the covering so that I could then hem the edges. At this point I was really happy with how things were looking, and I’m not going to lie was quite excited as well. I then stitched the covering onto the frame so that it would stay together and then I hooked the wire legs of the shelter through some cardboard so that it was sturdy. I really love this little maquette, its a really good example of what my idea are suppose to look like and I think it translates them really well.





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