Sustainable Materials for Outdoor Shelters/Covering

Hello fellow textile enthusiasts! For this post I’m looking into another ideas that was generated during my groups tutorial on Monday. Having been advised to think about what materials we’re going to use, I started to think about what materials would be sustained in different weathers, if our designs were to be displayed/uses for long durations.

In one of my stitch workshops last month we were given the option of using metal foil on the sewing machine. During the tutorial Helen mentioned an artist how embroidered with metal and this remind me of that workshop and the samples that I would be able to create with this foil that would show what I would plan to do on a larger scale.20150311_111441639_iOS

Having never used metal before I have having trouble with coming up with ideas of what I could do with it. I didn’t know what techniques would work or what wouldn’t and I didn’t know where to start. I had the idea of using a pattern I had already embroidered onto the metal but again I couldn’t think a way of how. I started to draw the pattern onto the back of the metal so that I would be able to guide it through the sewing machine, but while I was drawing I pressed into the metal to hard and it embossed the pattern onto the other side. I really liked the look of this so I pressed even harder to see the result. I like the sample for the design and the gold colouring but I don’t think that it is colour enough to reflect the cultures that I have been looking into.

20150310_121919665_iOS (2)

With that in mind I started to think on ways in which I could add colour onto metal, I thought about using Bondaweb but I wouldn’t be able to iron onto the metal. I then started to think on other ways that I would be able to get colour and pattern onto the metal; I came to printing.  I also decided to experiment with sewing onto the metal and then threading cotton through the holes. I like the use of colour I this experiment and the different textures that have been combined. 20150311_094849095_iOS



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