Presenting our Ideas so Far

Today was set for a meeting with out tutors so that we could present out ideas of what we want to do within our groups and get their feedback. So that we could more easily put our ideas across, within our group we created a mood board, combing our ideas together and showing how we have developed and shared our thoughts between ourselves.

I really like Liam’s designs of how he plans to create simple flowing structures that can be incorporated into the city, while still leaving from for the rest of the group to put forward their ideas for materials and pattern. I also liked Elliot’s photoshop of city structures, how he has focused on the elemental use of colour with Indian culture and applied that, and some of their patter work, to the already existing strictures within Cardiff City centre, thus celebrating other cultures within our own city.

The feedback that we got from our tutors was really productive and they were enthusiastic about our ideas and our approach; giving us their options and suggestions that we could then take further and develop. I plan to take their suggestion on board and continue experimenting with materials and pattern.

IMG_5262 IMG_5263


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