Pattern Design Experiments

On to my second idea, stencilling. Again I looked at differ pattern design from Middle Eastern culture, trying to find another motif that I could turn into a print. Once I had sketched my design out, I used a scalpel to cut away where I wanted the colour to be seen. I again experimented with different colour paint and fabric, with different positioning of my stencil and again I really like the outcomes, although I must say I think I prefer the lino cut prints, they seem much more intricate but that could just be the pattern I chose.

20150307_174812179_iOS20150308_141733860_iOSAfter I created my stencil prints, I started to think about how I could experiment with embroidery because its such a big part of Middle eastern culture. I looked at many patterns and colours and then I started to piece together ideas. I decided on using gold thread for my embroidery, because of its repeated appearing in the patterns and fabrics of the Middle east. I used a repeated pattern to make section of border, using green fabrics which makes the gold thread stand out really lovely.  I really liked using free machine embroidery, I’m trying to get more used to this technique so that I can get more freer and move much  more fluidly on the machine.




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