Pattern Design Examples

After our group meeting today I came away feeling really impassioned about pattern making. Each member of my group had looked at different patterns from many cultural background and this was really inspiring me to look into pattern designing. I left the meeting think about the different ways I could make these patterns, embroidery, fabric dying, printing? all these ideas were swirling around my head just waiting to be used. I stared to look at images of middle eastern patterns again and most of their fabric are either woven or printed, and even though I am learning how to weave, for this task I decided to go with the other traditional method of printing.

I had two ideas, either I could make a stencil or I could make a lino cut. because I wanted to, I decided that I was going to at least try to do both. i started, however, with lino cut. Using soft-cut linoleum I found a pattern that i found really interesting and drew it out onto the lino and started to cut away. I decided on using a few different coloured fabric to print, brown, red and a plain calico on as well as printing onto paper. The closest thing I had to printing ink was acrylic paint, so that is what I used. I found the results to be really good and not what I expected at all, in a very good way. The colours went really well together and I really liked the overall look of the samples.

20150306_145827552_iOS (2)

20150306_153223435_iOS (2)

20150306_152719514_iOS20150306_153511922_iOS20150306_161252409_iOSNext I’m going to look into stencil patterns as well as hand embroidery, and then some machine embroidery.


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