Field Timetable So Far

Week 1: 2nd – 6th

Monday Introduction to our new cross-discipline groups, comparing/combining original research and coming up with new collaborative ideas.

Individual research based on group theme.

Tuesday Presenting research to the group to refine/develop each other’s ideas and to narrow down final outcome ideas.
Wednesday Independent research and design idea development.
Thursday Constellation.

Independent research and design idea development.

Friday Group meeting – coming together to combine work and ideas, refining and developing.

Creation of a ‘mood board’ to present on Monday.

Week 2: 9th – 13th

Monday Group tutorial to present work that has been crated so far.

Start to work from feedback that was given during tutorial to develop our work.

Tuesday Taking feedback on board and working from this.

Development of ideas.

Starting to make marquette’s.

Wednesday Continuing to make scale models.
Thursday Constellation.

Individual Research.

Friday Group meeting – consolidation of ideas, development.

Week 3: 16th – 20th: following the presentation from week one and the making of our scale models, we will then be decided what actions should be taken this week, were hoping to be having all our work completed by Thursday at the latest.

Thursday Constellation.
Friday Completion of all research, ideas and final outcome ready for submission on Monday.

Week 4: 23rd – 27th

Monday Work submission by 10am.

Formative assessment point.

Tuesday Formative assessment point.
Thursday Constellation.

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