Collaboration – Culture in the City

Yesterday we were put into cross-discipline groups to collaborate on a single project involving the city. My creative group member are, me the textile adventurer, Tia the Organiser, Liam the Maker, Elliot with the amazing hair and Sarah the Illustrator. The initial ideas was to use the work we had previously created and find common ground on which to build this new leg of The City project. Within our group, and after a discussion we centre on the use of different cultures through different media within the city scape, drawing from our own disciplines.

After we discussed our ideas we went away to find some preliminary research that we would be able to show each other the next day.  I started to look at Middle Eastern Cultures, specifically Ancient Near East and Islamic influences in the area at the time and down to the modern day. Within this research I started to look at portable architecture, which combined textiles. The most common mode of portable le textiles architecture in the Ancient Near East were tents used by Nomadic and semi-Nomadic tribes. There was a huge variety across the centuries and even down to modern times although their uses has obviously dwindled as civilisation had become more urbanised. At the same time I was looking at the Islamic art that dominated the area and one which has influenced many culture through the centuries. I like the use of materials, the vibrant colours, the dramatic atmosphere that these combination provide and the versatility of their work. What I wanted to do was to bring this culture of nomadic tents into the modern day city.

20150303_163219982_iOS 20150303_163225215_iOS

Today our group came back together with our ideas, which culminated in a project on street furniture, whilst at the same time incorporating cultures from other countries into the designs. My groups has helped to develop my ideas to fit this new brief, so with the starting point of tents I’ve moved onto awnings and banners. We plan to meet up again on Friday, whilst keeping in touch in the meantime, to consolidate our ideas ready for presentation on Monday.


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