Constructing Movements in Art and Design Week 4 – The Dada Manifesto

Before this lecture I had already looked at the essay questions for this constellation. I really like the look of ‘compare and contrast the aims of the artists associated with Dadaism and Surrealism’, and so I had already started reading up on Dada, which I was find really interesting. I was looking forward to this lecture because, although I already had my own thoughts and views on Dada, I was interested to see what the lecture would uncover to me. I found it really helpful when we looked at the society and times that was surrounding and influencing the ideas and outcomes of the Dada artists, and how they acted to reject nationalism in a socially engaged manner. Another thing I thought that was really interesting was how each different sect of Dada acted different, how some more politically overt than others and how some had a much more negative outlook.

This lecture was really interesting an helpful and I look forward to the one on surrealism and psychoanalysis, to help develop my essay.


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