Photograph Embroidery Experiment

After working into and embellishing into some of my prints, I started to think about using the actual photography in my work. Printing my original photograph onto photopaper I started to think about how I could incorporate typography into my experiment.


20150224_171900100_iOSAfter drawing out my lettering on the back of the photograph, reversed so that it can be read when looking at the right side of the photo, I threaded up my sewing machine and started to in with free machine embroidery. Here’s where I hit a snag; the thread was knotting and ripping through the paper, my solution? I removed the thread the used just the needle to punch holes into the paper around the lines of my lettering. The result is quite interesting, not very clear but I like the ideas behind it. I don’t know how I would be able to embroider onto paper, and I plan to think further on how I could make this possible.



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