Stitch Speed Dating Workshop – 17th February

With the same principal as last week, this week’s speed dating session showed us even more different sewing techniques that could made on a sewing machine using different feet.

This week I started on the needle punch machine; this machine knits different fibres together creating very expressive pieces of work. I really liked that with this machine, almost any fibres/fabrics and threads can be used to make wonderfully textured and tactile creations.
I then moved on to the 3-way cording foot. Like the cording foot last week’s cording foot, I was able to layer different threads and materials together; this time I could have the choice of using three threads at a time or equally I could use one, again I really loved the results produced by this foot. In also experimented by using the 3-way cording foot on the fibres I had created from the needle punch machine.
The tripe needle was the next foot I experimented with, I really liked the very delicate quality these stitches produced, they’re very decorative and I really liked using this machine, I experimenting with a few different stitches before then using the machine on the layers of fabric I had created onto the cording machine. I liked mixing the different styles of stitches that can be produced with the different feet.
The last two machines that I had to experiment with was the Fringing foot and the Pintuck foot. Both of these machines produced very decorative outcomes; the fringing foot stitches could either be left as they were or cut to produce little tufts of thread on the fabric. The piping foot, creates little paths on top of the fabric, which are again very decorative, I liked the pintuck foot and its outcomes, they’re quite noticeable raised lines on the fabric, without being over bearing or distracting, think they’re a really nice addition.
Having finished experimenting with the machines with enough time I went back to the triple needle foot and started to experiment on one of the prints that I had made during our printing workshops in the previous weeks.
Again I really enjoyed this workshop, I liked all the machine I experimented with and again I wish I had more time to experiment further.


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