Pecha Kucha Presentation – 16th February

my faceSlide 1 – Introduction

As you know, my name is Courtney, and welcome to my Pecha Kucha presentation. For the next 6 minutes and about 35 seconds I will be taking you through my journey so far in this terms module, ‘The City’. From when I received the initial brief and working through the different stages and development of my ideas. I hope you find it as interesting I as I have.

the citySlide 2 – The City

How do we define a city? Having always lived in the city I tend to take what I see around me for granted. Starting this project, I found it quite difficult to actually observe the details of the city, without having to make a conscious effort to do so. This was quite an interesting challenge which enabled me to notice my city in a different way.

Slide 3 – Mind Map

Before having to make a choice out of the three topics available, we created mind maps in class with different ideas that could be encompassed within each topic. The further progress we made on the mind map, the more I was pulled towards to topic of the Hidden City. Which helped me in coming up with an idea ready for my first print session.

Slide 4 – Graffiti photograph

While out searching for an idea that I could turn into a screen print, I started to develop an interest in working with forgotten streets and alleys. I found this particular street in the city centre. I chose it because I thought that the graffiti would make for a very interesting printing motif. Even from this stage I was interesting in using very limited colours.

slidesSlide 5 – Screen

Using the motif that I created from the previous photograph, I then used a pre-treated screen to transfer the image onto. After washing and drying the screen I was then able to start printing. Throughout each printing session we used different inks and materials that are helping to influence my ideas for this module. In each session we were able to chose our own colour scheme, which again was influencing my ideas.

Slide 6 – Screen-prints

These are some of the prints that I created in the first printing session. Using my initial photograph as inspiration, I decided that I would continue on with the idea of working with greys and black. I tried a few experiments with different coloured prints and coloured backgrounds.

Slide 7 – How to be an explorer of the world

In the library, they had set up a display based around The City. While visiting the display I looked through this book, How to be an explorer of the world by Keri Smith. This book gives useful little tips on how to collect and gather found object and materials for later inspiration, as well as ideas on how to see the world in different perspectives.

Slide 8 – wandering aimlessly

I particularly liked this page because it gives quite fun and light ideas on how to wander around and take in everything you see. To not think about where you’re going and reminding you to pay attention to all the small details. This helped me to explore the city better and to find what I was looking for, and to find what I could use as inspiration.

Slide 9 – Exploring Llandaff

Before making the final choice of which topic we wanted to go into, we went around Llandaff cathedral, looking for anything there that could be used as a representation for each of the topics. While exploring I took photos and made quick sketches of the places I found most interesting. I really liked this outing because it helped me with my final topic choice.

photo slidesSlide 10 – Exploring the city centre

Having been put into groups with others who are expressing similar ideas to my own, we went out exploring the city centre. Here we took photos of places we found interesting, occasionally stopping to make quick sketches and to stop and notice anything of influence, that would inspire our theme. we were able to compare and bounce ideas off each other which was quite interesting.

Slide 11 – Focusing on streets, alleys and arcades

While out exploring the city centre I focused on finding streets and alleys as well as arcades that were relatively empty, forgotten or unused. I find these places interesting because they are much quieter, have seemingly more character and have a much more through provoking quality that then bustling city itself.

Slide 12 – Further exploring

Where as in the previous slide I showed images of places I had found in the city centre, these images by contrast were found in the inner city areas and show a different side to empty streets. Where as in the city centre those streets are still quite clean and kept, these are much more desolate by comparison, having all together a much different feeling to them.

collaborativeSlide 13 – research from the city centre

This is some of the research and experiments that I completed during and after my exploration of the city centre; including photos that I had taken as well as drawings that I completed from the actual places as well as the photographs. Taking inspiration from these images and drawings I continued to further develop my ideas by looking into colour and materials.

Slide 14 – Artists research

Here are some of the artists that I have been looking at. They’re work has been inspiring to the way I have been thinking about my own and the outcomes that I can produce. Each has used the city within their work as well as limited colours; in this way I feel like I can relate the work that I am doing to theirs, which then further advances my own ideas.

Slide 15 – Mood board

Here is the mood board that I created as part of the collaborative project; I created it to show the ideas that I had developed so far during the module. I had touched on the use of materials and typography, as well as exploring the use of greys and blacks against using colour. I also added my own drawings to show where I started and artists that have helped influence my ideas.

Slide 16 – Fully deciding on a colour scheme

After thinking about the forgotten, almost lonely feel that small empty streets and alleyways encompass, I started to think of ways in which I could convey mood and atmosphere through colour. So far I’m really liking the idea and results I have when using only grey and black, though this might changes as I continue to gather inspiration from the city around me.

Slide 17 – Mood and Atmosphere

Simply changing the colour of a photograph gives the image a completely different feel. Here I combined my original photograph with one that I had edited to show how just by darkening the light and using only black and white makes the place look much more isolated and alone. This is the kind of mood and atmosphere that I am trying to portray in my work through the use of colour.

sewing experimetnsSlide 18 – Sewing experiments

Once I had decided on a colour scheme I then started to experiment with this limited colour palate. I used black thread to make a tactile recreation, using free machine embroidery, of a street drawing that I had previously made. I really like the result of this little experiment, and the very textile element that it holds.

Slide 19 – Experimenting with materials and colour

Along with my embroidery experiment, I also experimented with using water colours as well as pen. I used the watercolours as a background colour to create a washed out sort of atmosphere for which I then drew on top. I quite like this experiment for the expressive use of the watercolours in the background against the structured lines of the drawing.

Slide 20 – Thank you for listening.

So far on my journey through this module I have learned how to view my city with new eyes which has enabled me to create representation of what I have seen in textile form. I have particularly liked the different types of printing that we undertook, which I feel really help me to focus my ideas.

Thank you for joining me on this journey and thank you for listening.


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