Constructing Movements in Art and Design Week 2 – Cubism

Having missed the first week I was really looking forward to attending this week’s lecture on cubism. I found it really interesting travelling through the different art movements/ideas of the 20th century. Starting with end of expressionism we moved through France, looking at the Salon des Refusés and the ideas of Avant-gardism which I found really interesting, how this new idea of breaking with the already structured ideas of art and moving forward in a new and exciting direction came about. How artists started to fuse the political Avant-garde with the artistic.

Then we moved on to look at Cezanne, his work with impressionism and his influences on Picasso and Cubism. Recognising the idea of cubism being a rejection of perspective; the examination of formal dynamics and how the artists themselves dealt with ordinary objects in an extraordinary manner. I found it quite interesting going through the struggles and development of Cubism, how the artists are understanding and interpreting the world around them in a wholly new manner. I found the idea of visual codes quite interesting as well, and how in Cubism they use shapes, which when placed in a certain way, could be recognise in a form already known to the mind.

Usually I find it quite difficult to listen to lecture, I take more in when I can read instead of listen but I found the lecturer really interesting and unlike previous lectures I was able to keep up because of his style.


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