Sticth Workshop Speed Dating- 10th February

During our first stitch session we stitch speed dating. Set up within the stitch room where six different kinds of feet, or sewing machines that we had to experiment on.

20150210_181151557_iOS (2)

Firstly I started on a sewing machine with a piping foot. I quite liked this technique, but uses in a more decorative way that for practicality. The next machine I visited was one with a border guide foot, this had a flat plastic addition to the foot, which had lines on it so that it could guiding your stitching and make sure your stitching straight.  I then moved onto the Ruffler machine, I found this quite difficult to use, but I managed to make a small about of ruffled fabric in the end, with quite good result.

With only three more different machine to go I moved onto the Wing edge needle, used on light weight fabric, this needle has blades running down the side so as to make larger holes in the fabric while sewing. This needle could be used with or with thread to make very delicate and lacelike cuts in the fabric. I really liked the delicate nature of the fabric and the stitch combined.

I then moved onto one of the electric sewing machine, and started to experiment with all the different types of decorative stiches, again using the border guide foot to make sure the stitches were evened out. It was then time to use the only machine that I hadn’t already, the one with the cording foot. I loved this foot, I was able to layer threads and cords and fabric on top of each other to create a very tactile, busy and layered sample. I probably stayed don this machine longer than I should have but I couldn’t help myself, I loved the results that I was getting from this foot.


With some spare time left over I went back to the piping machine and started playing around with using piping in a much more decorative manner, I experimented with using it with different fabrics and combining fabrics together.

I really enjoyed this workshop. Even though I liked some techniques more than other and wished I had more time to play around with them I really liked learning all of them and having a changed to experiment and learn how to use each one.


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