Print Workshop – 03rd February

Coming to our last day in print workshops, we were going to be covering Devore, as well as a colour changing ink. Devore is made using a specific ink, which rots away certain fibre, this is why mutli fibre materials are used when making devore. We used three different synthetic fabric to practise devore on. My first two prints which were on very light, thin fabrics worked excellently, My last print however, which was on a satiny sort of material, didn’t really work at all. I think that this might be as a result of printing the devore on the front side of the fabric as opposed to the back, which usually works much better.  For the first two devore which worked, I really love this process. Especially on the lighter fabric where the result is more subtle but just as wonderful.

20150205_165301621_iOS 20150205_165254377_iOS

As for the colour changing ink, I can’t remember the proper name of the ink but the result were amazing. Using a fabric that had already been dyed black, we used three different types of colour changing ink. One that was purely the ink on its own, and two more which had added pigment. Once the inks had been printed onto the fabric, they were then let dry, and once dried completed, they were then steamed for 15 minutes, the result being that the steam reacts with the chemicals of the ink and changes the colour of the fabric right the way through. I really like this process, I fins it extremely interesting that an ink can take out the colour of a fabric and replace it with a complete new one.



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