Monday 02nd February

After we were placed into groups with other people of similar topic ideas, we went out to the city centre to explore further. Our groups set out with the ideas of exploring hidden places, places that are relatively unseen and places which are out in the open, but are looked past or unnoticed. We stopped to take photos of all the places we found that connected with our ideas for this topic, sometime stopping to take quick sketches of how we see these places.


I like that the city centre has quite a few places that are unnoticed or unseen. I particularly like the small empty streets that nobody seems to frequent, as well as the street art that accompany them. I like the arcades with their unnoticed layers.

I quite like the ideas of hidden/forgotten places. Which exploring we found an old club which isn’t open anymore, the door has been boarded up and the inside left empty. I really like the now hidden and forgotten past of the place, as well as how the actual structure of the building, the inside, is hidden.


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