Print Workshop – January 27th

For this week’s print workshop we were experimenting with different print materials. Firstly we used puff, which is a printing product that puffs up under steam. The other printing product we used was a glue, which dries clear and can then be used with flock and foil. Making sure to at least produce two prints using the glue, I also started off making two prints using the puff; adding pigment to one print whilst leaving the other plain. Once the glue prints had dried, they were taken to the heat press, the print is placed onto the press with the glue facing upwards. Firstly using flock, which is a sheet of velvet like fibres, placed face down onto the glue and then put through the heat press. The result is that the fibres from the flock sheet sticks only to the glue, with the result of your print in fibre. Secondly we used foil, which is a sheet of coloured foil which is placed on top of the glue print coloured side (or shiny side) up, this leaves your print made completely from the coloured side of the foil.

Puff sample.

Puff sample.

Flock sample.

Flock sample.

Foil sample.

Foil sample.

I extremely enjoyed each of these techniques, I love the look and feel of both the flock and foil techniques. I especially like the negatives of these prints; the flock and foil sheeting that the print was stripped from. I think that they themselves are very interesting prints. The puff is quite a tricky process to master, having to make sure not to overheat the solution or it will keep expanding to the point where the print is ruined. The effect is very interesting as is the process particularly how the colour gets lighter once puffed up.


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