Exploring Llandaff – Monday 26th January

On Monday we were deciding what topic within ‘The City’ module we were going to choose to go into. To help with the task we were sent out to explore Llandaff, the city within a city. We went to Llandaff cathedral looking for areas, buildings, smells/feelings that could be linked to the three topic; taking photos, making notes and quick sketches. The idea was to think deeper about the different topics, how they could be interpreted and what ideas they generate.

While wandering around I took photos of the graves that surround the cathedral, which make up a little city all by themselves. I found that I kept thinking that the graves would make an interesting idea for the Hidden City topic. The graves at the back of the cathedral were seemingly forgotten places, covered in ivy and broken/fallen. The graves themselves make a sort of hidden underground city. I found another grave around the front of the cathedral which was quite bold in its approach; it was very wide at the base, and grew into an extremely tall, powerful statute which I though would be a good representation for the Power and Technology topic. After I had found examples for the two other topics I focused on Migration, thinking about different cultures which have been brought over. The statue Christ in Majesty, which reside on the nave in Llandaff cathedral, was created by Jacob Epstein, an American born artist, into which Epstein’s creative and cultural identity would have been imprinted.


This task really helped me to consider each of the topics, instead of picking the first that sounded interesting, I was able to explore the different ideas that could come under the umbrella of each topic and generate ideas/thoughts of how I would approach my topic of choice; the Hidden City.


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