Screen printing – 20th January

Keeping the theme of The Hidden City in mind, I started to think of that I could use as a motif for screen printing. I liked the idea of looking at the artwork of the city, like the graffiti that expresses the life, culture and society of the Surrounding city. For my motif I had taken a photograph graffiti in an alley in Cardiff City Centre and turned the photograph into a flat drawing that would translate well into a print. The process of prepping the screen was different to the way in which I had previously been shown how to screen print; this way the image is almost scanned onto the screen so that it can be used to print multiple times, as well as being cleaned between prints. For my prints I decided to start of using grey and black pigment inks, so as to keep the print quite close in relation to the photograph I took, which was black and white.


20150120_144104336_iOSWhile printing I chose to experiment with layering the motif; printing it on top of a print I had already created, changing the colour of the inks so that the prints would stand out against each other. I liked the outcome of these little experiments that I decided to repeat the process on a longer stretch of fabric, creating repeated pattern. I really like the effect that the colour have, complementing each other while standing out against the lighter fabric. I then started to experiment with adding colour. I quite liked the mixture of the grey and red inks together, they seem to make each other stand out. I experimented with layering the prints together with the red and grey inks, and then I started to experiment further by printing a background colour before then printing the motif on top. I used two different screens to create my background, a clean screen for an all over background colour and then I used a ruined screen, which left refile marks on the fabric, which when combined with the print on top made a really interesting outcome. The distressed appearance of the background complimented really well with the graffiti motif. I’m thoroughly pleased with the outcomes of these printing experiments. I really enjoyed all the different results which I can now experiment with further as well as take them into stitch and combine the two elements together; I’m really looking forward to experimenting.



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