Mothers of Africa

This week and last week we have been taking part in a project called Mothers in Africa; our task is to design and create a square of fabric, that will then be brought together and made into a quilt to help raise awareness for the charity. Last week we had a talk about the Mothers of Africa, and textiles that have been created and influenced by Africa and African art. During this talk I was particularly interested in the Mud Cloths. After the talk we went over to the library to gather images and research, I started looking into Bogolanfini Mud Cloths, how they were made and what they’re symbols meant. I then started to make my own designs, using the symbols of the Bogolan Mud Cloths.



Last week during our dye session, I chose to dye one of the fabrics, so that I could then sew one of my designs ontop, and for my other square, I chose to do a procion screen-print, where I hand painted the design onto the screen and then transferred the design onto the fabric. I then hand embroidered onto my design. I used all earth tones for this work, keeping in line with the fact that the original Mud Cloths are painted using fermented mud.

Mother of African Square (2)


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