11th November Dye/Print Workshop

The dye class on Tuesday was focusing on shibori; working with hot water dyes, natural fabrics and experimenting with different ways of folding fabrics. Making sure that I experimented with as many different folding techniques as I could, using string, elastic bands, blocks and clamps to manipulate the fabric and where the dye will take. While changing the different ways I folded or scrunched the fabrics, I also mixed the different colours on the fabric, sometimes dipping different parts of the fabrics into the dyes, and other times, re-folding the fabrics so that different parts would then be dyed.

Dye samples.

Dye samples.

Dye Samples.

Dye Samples.

Each of the different processes created such different results, how each fold makes a different mark on the fabric, as well as how long the fabric has been left to develop in the dyes. While working with the fabrics in the dye workshop, I kept in mind the work that I had been doing on Mondays, looking at different marks and colours. I liked working with folding and dyes, how I can think of these dyes fabrics as grounds upon which I can then stitch or embroider onto, how working with marks can influence the work that I create in these workshops.

Dye Samples.

Dye Samples.


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