Mark-making 27th October/3rd November

After the first four weeks of mark-making with dry materials and attending stitch workshops on Tuesdays, we’ve finally switched over. Last Mondays was my first day of new lessons that were focused around wet materials like watercolours, gouache, inks and dyes. After a quick introduction into the world of paintbrushes which was extremely useful because we were shown the different marks that they could make, as well as being shown how to identify the different types of brushes, we started to make marks. This was a very interesting task, as well as a very informative one, to have the different marks that could be made by a single brush on display was a great frame of reference.  After looking at the different types of strokes and marks that could be made with a brush, we looked at found objects such as plastic forks, sponges and bubble wrap, and looked at the different marks that these types of items would make; all the while, remembering the use of colour, how to harmonise, compliment and contrast.

Mark-making samples

Mark-making samples

Another thing that we experimented with was using the same marks and brushes, but on wet paper as well as dry paper and seeing the differences that makes. The results were much more expressive and fluid.  I liked the use of different materials to make marks with, and mixing those marks with the marks that I made with the brushes.

Mark-making sampels

Mark-making sampels

This Monday we were carrying on with mark-making, This time looking a the different marks and variations that can be made using the same type of brush but in different ways and sizes. We also looked into stencilling, sing the negative and positive spaces of the stencils, and again mixing those with the marks that we had been making previously.

Stencil samples

Stencil samples

I’ve really been enjoying the different effects and marks that have been produced during these lessons, and I look forward to what’s coming in the next lessons.


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