Keynote and Study Skills

Today’s lecture was given by Dr Natasha Mayo on The Sensorial Object; how all our senses play key roles in how we look and feel and think about even the most ordinary and mundane objects. One thing that I picked out of this lecture was that the materials that we use in the creation of our artwork, can speak for themselves, and extends meaning; and how the process of making transforms the expressive value of that which is being made. I liked this idea of the materials that we use can have their own meaning, and how they can speak volumes about how and why a piece of work has been created. I also found it really interesting, how Natasha would show us artwork, and then she would read out a piece of text which had been written by a theorist, and then show us the artwork again, and how after having listened, to the way that sound, and movement and knowledge effects the way we look at a piece of work, we could no longer look at that piece of work in the same way we did before hearing how these simple things change the way we would view it.

Today’s study skills lesson was with Jon Clarkson and was about understanding an argument; I enjoyed this session because it was extremely informative and helpful in doing exactly what it says, understanding an argument. Jon explained how an argument is an attempt to persuade, and that all arguments will have a point, they will include claims and a conclusion, and that the conclusion will bring all the claims together and is the main point for which an argument is directed. The structure of an argument was explained and so was how we would be able to find an argument in a text, which is especially helpful because we would then be able to identify the arguments, and would then be able to say whether we agree or not, and then we would be able to form our own argument, based on what we had learned.


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