Keynote and Study Skills

Last week’s study skills was based on reflection and evaluation; how and what you’re learning and how to keep a record in the form of a blog. This was a very useful session because we were shown examples of how to write meaningfully and effectively, and what to include in our blogs; that we should explain how we have learned from the things we do, what went well, and what didn’t.

The thought of making a blog and writing effectively seemed quite challenging, even after I had already started posting, how do I know that I’m doing it right? but Ashley said to think of our blogs and reflection as our own personal journey, thinking about where we are now, where we’re going, where we will be, and how we’ll get there. Our reflection is a personal matter and that we should demonstrate awareness of strengths and weaknesses, and show what we have learned, what we are doing and how we can help ourselves; find what is useful and what needs improving upon; self-evaluation.

I liked this session because it helped me to understand what I should be writing in my blog, and how I should be reflecting on the work I’m doing and on what I’m learning.

The keynote lecture that I attended was given by Dr Jon Clarkson on post perspective; looking at art in different ways, and how we can look at something that has different view perspectives and layers and assume that there is nothing strange about this, how our minds can make sense of something that otherwise doesn’t make sense. I found this really interesting because it makes you look at everything with a different view. How now, when I’m looking at an image, I think about whether there’s something I’m not seeing because my eyes and my mind have already tried to make sense of it for me.


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