Timed Drawings.

Yesterday we were working outside, around and inside Llandaff cathedral, where we had to face the challenge of timed drawings; trying to work freely but quickly enough to capture what you’re looking at. The drawings were focused around nature, looking at the contrast between the man-made interventions and the patterns that appear naturally. On the walk to the cathedral, and outside the cathedral, we stopped to make a few 2 minute drawings, focusing on the different aspects of nature and the man-made. While drawing it was suggested that we look at our surroundings with a soft-eye; instead of focusing on wholly one part, we would focus on the surrounding areas as well and see how that would affect our drawings. I found this technique quite interesting, how by looking at the surroundings and what you’re drawing instead of looking at the drawing you’re making, the outcome is quite expressive, with parts overlapping and contrasting with each other.

Time drawing experiments using fine liner on cartridge paper.

Time drawing experiments using fine liner on cartridge paper.

Inside the cathedral we created a 15 minute drawing and a 30 minute drawing. While I could draw slower while creating a 15 minute drawing, I drew too slowly and didn’t finish my drawing in the allotted time. I plan to carry on with this drawing, but I’m going to photocopy the drawing before I continue so that I can see where the 15 minutes ended and the development from that point. These exercises were really helpful, because they have helped me to draw more freely, which I’ve been trying to work on since my last lesson.


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