Starting Univeristy

My first week of university is coming to a close.

Since having been accepted into CSAD I have been really looking forward to starting this new and exciting phase which looked to be so different from anything else I’d ever done.  I was waiting (impatiently) to jump into this experience that would give me so much more insight into the world of textiles.

My first week has been a jumble of information, not all of which I remember, but it has definitely been a new experience. Walking around campus (mostly trying to find where I was going after getting lost), finding all the places I would need, and learning about what being a undergraduate at CSAD would involve. I started my first module Material Matters, where I was introduced to my brief, and had my first day in the workshop where I learned how to un-jam a sewing machine, which came in handy after I jammed it, twice. Today was my first constellation lesson, in a huge lecture hall, which looked almost exactly how I imagined, and I was again introduced to a brief about controversy, which is a big part of art in general.

Overall my first week has been very informative, and I look forward to the next, and then the one after that, and so on.


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